Jessica Hische: Alphabet Poster

Jessica Hische: Alphabet Poster

Jessica Hische recently released an additonal letterpress poster featuring more of her beautiful hand-drawn alphabets. Printed on Crane’s 110lbs Lettra with orange, green and black ink at the Arm in New York. 250 total posters were printed on a Vandercook #4 and are 12.5″ x 18″. Buy one from her site for $110 shipped.


Wilkintie: John Copeland

Wilkintie: John Copeland

Wilkintie’s new letterpress poster for August is out. This months artist is John Copeland, alumni of the World Record Club, printed on cotton rag. Another awesome limited edition print from Austrailia’s Wilkintie. Poster is 8″ x 10″ and for sale here.


Bennett Holzworth: John Vanderslice Poster

Bennett Holzworth: John Vanderslice Poster

Bennett Holzworth’s letterpressed poster using paper doilies that were glued together, varnished then mounted. Letterpressed on his 12 x 18 Chandler & Price.Very cool pictures of the process found here.

(via FPO)


Yee-Haw Industries: Junior Rangers


Yee Haw Industries printed 4 Junior Rangers and is selling them as a set here. They include a squirrel, bunny, bear and a fox and come mounted. All were illustrated by Bjorn Rune Lie.


Mikey Burton: Live with Art II

Mikey Burton: Live with Art II

Poster for the 20×200 letterpressed by Mikey Burton. Titled, Live with Art II. The print is 10 x 15 and is a made of 6 colors plus one blind run. $50 here.


Yee-Haw Industries: Wood Type Specimen Poster

Yee-Haw Industries: Wood Type Poster

Gorgeous poster from Yee-Haw Industries. 30 x 42 print was made with all hand set type. Printed on archival acid-free 100% cotton paper with deckled edges. Looks like there is 1 left.


Bespoke Press: Vintage Chairs

Bespoke Press: Vintage Chairs Poster

Bespoke Press did a vintage chair 8.5 x 11 poster in a couple different color combination. Only 100 printed. Buy one at their online store.


Letter Pressed: Candykiller Cards

Letter Pressed Candy Killer Artist Series Card

New Candykiller “Artist Series” card from Letter Pressed, in Fresno, California. These are beautiful. There are some of these left, so grab them while you can. Only 500 printed and I am sure they will sell out quickly.


Studio On Fire: Skin of the Night

Studio On Fire: Skin of the Night by Duece 7

Nice additon by Studio on Fire with an illustration by Duece 7. Studio on Fire also demonstrates the difference between metallic inks on dark stock. A must read.


Wilkintie: Cody Hudson

Wilkintie: Cody Hudson's Forever Friend

No. 7 from a series of 12 artist prints from Wilkintie in Australia. This one was designed by Cody Hudson and is 8 x 10 on Somerset textured by St Cuthberts Mill in England. Very nice series so far. Can not wait to see them all.


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