Genghis Kern: Letterpress & Design Shop Video

Jason Wedekind, at Genghis Kern in Denver, has just released a video of his shop that was shot by Jeffery Garland and edited by Jesse R. Borrell. Great mix of video and stop motion capturing Jason’s studio space.


Genghis Kern: Dia de los Muertos Letterpress Poster

New letterpress poster titled Dia de los Muertos printed by Denver based letterpress printer, Genghis Kern and illustrated by Shaw Nielsen. The beautiful 2-color poster was printed on an Asbern Proof Press. You can buy one from Shaw Nielsen at his store for only $35.


Pressing Letters

Pressing Letters is an effort to catalog and promote creativity in our expanding letterpress community. Studios and individuals are invited to submit letterpress work, references, links or anything else that would be beneficial to others.