Nick Sherman: Wood Type in the Digital Age

This evening, I was able to attend an inspirational talk titled Wood Type in the Digital Age by Nick Sherman at the Type Directors Club in New York City where he shared his obsessions with typography and wood type along with some adventures it has taken him on. He later discussed the history, creation, classification and preservation of wood type and its place in the digital space. Nick will be speaking about Wood Type in the Digital Age again at the 2nd annual Wayzgoose, held at the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum on Saturday, November 5th.

Becoming obsessed with wood type from the 1969 book, American Wood Type: 1828–1900 by Rob Roy Kelly, Nick Sherman created his own wood type inspired typeface for a school project titled the Intercut Wood Type Project. Having a deep interest not only in wood type, but also the classification of type, Nick began his career working for where he designed, organized and curated their collection. He is currently on the advisory board for the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum, working on the revitalization of the The Dale Guild Type Foundry and working at the Font Bureau as a Graphic Designer. He also runs a highly recommend blog, Woodtyper. If you have any interest in wood type, it is worth catching Nick speak at the Wayzgoose 2010.


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