Cranky Pressman: Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Cap Cards

Beautifully designed Daily Drop Cap letterpress business cards by Jessica Hische printed by the notorious Cranky Pressman. Printed in 2 colors, a black and warm red, on Crane’s Lettra 220 lbs. paper finished with edge painting. Lovely.


Studio On Fire: We Like Small Business Cards

New letterpress business cards by Studio On Fire for the interactive, anti-agency out of Salt Lake City, Welikesmall. 2 color (1 blind deboss) with edge painting.


Studio On Fire: Vista Caballo

A new letterpress identity package was recently created for Vista Caballo by Thinktopia. Letterhead, envelopes, business cards, note cards, journals and labels were all letterpressed by Studio On Fire and are all worth a look. Great use of both texture and color with their selections of paper including Crane’s Lettra Pearl White and French Paper Co.’s Speckletone series. Beautiful design and printing.


The Mandate Press: BBDK Business Cards

The Mandate Press: BBDK Duane King Business Cards

Fresh new fast food napkin inspired letterpress business cards from The Mandate Press for Duane King of BBDK.


Studio On Fire: Apala Business Cards

Studio On Fire: Apala Business Cards

Another letterpress business card from Studio On Fire in one week. This card for Apala, was designed by Blok Design in Mexico City. Printed on 4-ply museum board with bright yellow edge coloring. Very clean and tasty. Nice work.


Studio On Fire: Aphro Chic Business Cards

Studio On Fire: Aphro Chic Business Cards

Some fresh Studio On Fire letterpress business cards and note cards printed on blotter. Designed by Passing Notes for their client Aphro Chic. Studio On Fire continues to create completely inspiring work.


Duet Letterpress: Jenna Cole Business Cards

Duet Letterpress: Jenna Cole Business Cards

Simple yet elegant letterpress business cards from Duet Letterpress for Jenna Cole Photography. The lettra looks extra creamy and the typography is beautiful.


Publicide: Wood Letterpress Business Card

Publicide: Wood Letterpress Business Card

A great sample of a letterpress business card printed on wood stock by Publicide out of NYC.


The Mandate Press: Mindpunch Business Cards

The Mandate Press: Mindpunch Letterpress Business Cards

Some delicious letterpress business cards by The Mandate Press in Salt Lake City. Designed by Ron Roark at Mindpunch. Two color print on Neenah Neutech 160lbs paper.


Studio On Fire: FRWD Letterpress Business Cards

Studio On Fire: FRWD Business Cards

New business cards from the edge coloring slayers, Studio On Fire. Printed for the new media agency FRWD in Minneapolis. Tasty work again by the crew at S.O.F.


Pressing Letters

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